cat #: altdel011
artist: kap bambino
title: save
format: 7" single

the first time we've ever been actually inundated with requests to release something, so here it is! with previously unheard b-side krak hunter.

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cat #: altdel010
artist: kap bambino
title: zero life night vision
format: 12" vinyl lp

new! released feb 2008! on 12" vinyl for the first time!

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cat #: altdel009
artist: various
title: digital penetration vol 2
format: cd compilation

released jan 2008, still a £5, see below for the tracklist humanoids!

1 kap bambino: neutral
2 metronomy: hear to wear
3 late of the pier: space and the woods
4 kavinsky: testarossa autodrive
5 duchess says : black flag
6 slagsmalsklubben: kasta sten
7 fashion flesh: if you go to rome
8 cleckhuddersfax: buses
9 friday bridge: it girl
10 twisted charm: socialite [happy to be best fwends remix]
11 the bubonic plague: nonsense nonsense
12 primary 1: hold me down
13 fryars: chocolate
14 ungdomskulen: surf's up
15 glass candy: lovin' machine
16 kania tieffer: get flunky!
17 groupgris: your eyes
18 dj mehdi: signatune [thomas bangalter edit]
19 grabba grabba tape : bué da fixe
20 professor murder: free stress test

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cat #: altdel008
artist: dandi wind
title: concrete igloo
format: cd single

it's been a hell of a long time coming, but the debut album from dandi wind has now been released in the uk! you can preorder here: it's got videos on it and everything - a must own!

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cat #: altdel007
artist: kap bambino
title: hey! / new breath
format: double A side 7"

our newest signings and newest friends, kap bambino hail from bordeaux where they run their own fiercely independent record label wwilko but somehow find the time to create impulsive, energetic music that sends shivers down your spine. based on incisive rhythms, intoxicating riffs their music defies classification, all we know is that it makes us want to smash things to pieces, but in a good way. sold out!

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cat #: altdel006
artist: dandi wind
title: apotemnophilia / adolescent
format: double A side 7"

in under 2.5 minutes mixes you get chanting, vocoder arpeggios and a bizarre gamelan solo; against a distinctive napalm dropping riff. adolescent is a ditty that brings to mind a future version of d.a.f or fad gadget with the feral grunts of birthday party. it’s about being kept in a cage for 16 weeks and being reduced to eating one’s own shit. the nme say more essential than vitamin c. which is probably true.

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cat #: altdel005
artist: twisted charm
title: boring lifestyles
format: cd single

twisted charm are a london post punk pop 4-piece: nathan doom (guitar, vox), john dave (Bass), luke georgiou (sax) and dom (percussion), currently managed by alt< and in the process of signing to cool as fuck french electronic label because. their influences range from james chance, lilliput to essential logic etc. but their young fans see them more as a mixture of the rapture and brit pop acts such as the street and early blur, due to nathans acutely and concisely observed social commentary.

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cat #: altdel004
artist: various
title: digital penetration
format: cd compilation

digital penetration vol 1 was the birth of a series of compilations which will feature 50% established acts and 50% unsigned, all in the indie/electronic cross-over bracket. we were pretty amazed with the press this compilation received, 9/10 nme cover story! but the best thing about it is that it's only a five quid. see tracklisting below:

1 these new puritans: chamber
2 supersystem: miracle
3 shit disco: disco blood
4 the presets: are you the one
5 the neon plastix: on fire
6 revl9n: closer
7 cut copy: going nowhere
8 mother and the addicts: oh god stop hurting me
9 corey dargel: i dont remember
10 crystal castles: air war
11 architecture in helsinki: do the whirlwind [hot chip remix]
12 envelopes: i don't even know
13 letters and colours: alpha
14 bricolage: footsteps
15 new young pony club: get lucky [dance edit]
16 theoretical girl: it's all too much [demo]
17 klaxons: 4 horsemen of 2012
18 dandi wind: balloon factory
19 we are wolves: l.l. romeo
20 shychild: the noise wont stop

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cat #: altdel003
artist: new young pony club
title: get lucky
format: cd single

new young pony club are a cult east london group about to burst full on into the mainstream having signed a world-wide deal with modular records. our single reached 16 in the indie charts and the entire 2000 copies sold out in pre-orders. musically they're reminiscent of bands like the stranglers in places, but ultimately their hearts are in cool and seductive synth based pop.

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cat #: altdel002
artist: dandi wind
title: nofuncity
format: cd ep

dandi wind are dandilion wind opaine and szam findlay. they are industrial techno/electronic musicians, performance artists and they encapsulate everything that alt delete is about. nofuncity was their debut uk release.

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cat #: altdel001
artist: the organ
title: memorize the city
format: cd single

the organ were a vancouver all female 5 piece who made haunting and intense music in the vein of the smiths/ pat benetar, even blondie in their poppier moments. sadly the organ have split up, but we're really happy they were our debut release.

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